That Time Perrong Sued Dr. Oz…

So political robocall season is upon use, which means its docket-watching time here in TCPAWorld.

For the next 4 months or so a horrible swarm of campaign messages will be sent by the many useful candidates out there who want our vote. Effective.

And, of course, since those messages will be sent–in large measure–without any form of consent they will be highly violative of the TCPA.

I’ve covered a ton of these filings in the past. Most of them class actions.

Today’s story involves just an individual case. But when the individual involved is Andrew Perrong, its worth mentioning. His target–Dr. (is he a real doctor?) Mehmet Oz.

Apparent Oz sent prerecorded messages to Perrong and he didn’t like it one bit. He sues to recover under the TCPA.

Complaint here: Perrong v Dr. Oz


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