WOAH! Huge New Bill Introduced in Congress to Amend TCPA–Expands ATDS Definition

Well this is the biggest news of the week. Sorry to break it on a Friday.

A new Bill was just introduced in the House called the Robotex Spam Prevention Act.

A few things to know right out of the gate:

  1. It would expressly expand the TCPA to cover text messages;
  2. It would remove the phrase “using a random or sequential number generator” from the definition of ATDS(!!!!!!); and
  3. It would provide a safeharbor for recycled number calls but only for callers using the FCC’s wrong number database.

The bill is here: TCPA Bill

For those of you attending the Summit I will be breaking this down in detail.

And remember–you read about it first on TCPAWorld.com


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