TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK: Some Pictures from That Secret LeadGen Roadshow Event You Didn’t Even Know About

Secret show alert!

I was there. You weren’t. Neener neener.

Kidding. Sort of.

Much love TCPAWorld.

I left out the pictures of the tequila tasting.

Handing six shots of tequila to a bunch of marketers (and lawyers) is a recipe for a surprisingly good time. Learned a lot about a lot of folks–and really good thing. NEW appreciation for the INTELLIGENCE in this industry. Really bright folks. Nice to see people come out of their shells.

Spent much more time listening than talking at this event. Refreshing change of pace (for me!)

ALSO, if you missed the NOT secret show today, here’s the breakdown of the HUGE Michigan bill everyone is talking about right now:

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