TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: Did You Know Troutman Firm Offers 100% Paid Platinum PPO Health Insurance?

So multiple reports are saying that Big Law profits are down BIG this year.

We know what happens next.

Before the end of the year the lay off announcements will be coming out.

Associates who were so highly-sought after just a few months ago will be kicked to the curb. And partners with no book will be shown the door.

This model is SURE to fail:

Happens every few years. Cyclical. Gross, but true.

Did you know I’ve never laid off an employee? 13 years I’ve had my practice. Never let one go do to lack of work. Raises every year, like clockwork.

Complex consumer litigation is pretty much recession proof. And TRUE expertise is always in high demand.

Anyhoo, I know some folks have suggested that tales of 100% fully paid health insurance (platinum ppo) were a myth, but it is true. EVERY EMPLOYEE of Troutman Firm receives such benefits. totally free to them. And that’s just the start.

For me its not about attracting talent or retaining it. Its about treating people right at my firm, whoever they are. I guess its an ego thing. I like being able to say I offer better benefits than anybody else out there.

My people make more. And they get more training and experience. (And glory.)

My clients pay less. And they get more care and attention. (And good nights of sleep.)

Currently hiring for associates and legal secretaries.


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  1. On the one hand, I have a serious dislike for you because you represent TCPA defendants. But, then when I read this, you sound like me. In over 20 years in my own business, I never laid off an employee, and followed a business model similar to what you espouse. Too bad that I have no desire to relocate to California, otherwise I might send you my resume.

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