AEP PREVIEW: Open Enrollment Is Just Around the Corner–This FREE Webinar Will Give You The Tools To Be Compliant During the BIGGEST Calling Season of the Year

We’re less than 60 days out from the start of AEP–and everyone is putting the finishing touches on their strategies.

But engaging consumers LEGALLY and COMPLIANTLY is critical, especially with the huge hurdles now in place with recent CMS changes, and the tension between the TCPA and PTC.

And if you’re a carrier, broker, call center or marketer involved with Medicare and you’re not watching this thing, you are absolutely DOING IT WRONG.

The panel includes TCPAWorld’s own Queenie–probably the best known legal thought leader regarding Medicare marketing on the planet–along with CCC’s famous (and really talented) Arvell Craig and Justin Myers from Active Propsect, who is well on his way…

The webinar promises to prepare you for AEP and provide guidance on:

  • 1- How to prepare for Open Enrollment by establishing the foundation of consent
  • 2- How to protect yourself when consent is revoked
  • 3- How to make a compliance checklist
  • 4- How to maximize the benefits of TCPA litigation scrubbing

Pretty awesome stuff.

The Czar will be watching. Will you?

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  1. Hey Eric – the link to the webinar is not working 😉 Can you please update the image link? Thanks!

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