SURPRISING NO ONE: FCC Selects Their Pals at US Telecom’s Industry Traceback Group to be the Official Traceback Consortium

So everyone knows the TCPA.

8 out of 10 people know about carrier labeling issues.

6 out of 10 people understand carrier blocking, 10DLC, and the like.

But only 1 in 10 folks know about the industry traceback group. And that’s too bad because it was the forerunner to TRACED and remains a valuable–if occasionally overreaching–organization credited with stopping quite a bit of bad traffic out there.

But this story isn’t about all of that, its just about something very basic.

The FCC recently confirmed that the ITG–run by US Telecom–would continue to be the official private consortium recognized by the federal government as responsible to run down reports of fraudulent traffic to its source.

This is really no surprise since the ITG was doing this work before the federal government even decided there should be a private consortium doing it. There hasnt really been a serious rival–although I hear David Frankel actually offered to do it himself. That may not be true though.

(For those who are interested, I had the head of the ITG on my podcast a while back. Very smart guy. Very candid.)

Anyway here’s the order affirming US Telecom again: RENEWAL OF UST TRACEBACK GROUP

Nothing more to see here.


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  1. Too many times, I have seen a bureau chief or other high level official at the FCC who works to “certify” some private entity to do this or that for the FCC, and shortly thereafter that FCC official leaves the FCC and somehow manages to end up on the payroll of that private entity.

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