THE NEXT TCPA MEGA-TRIAL APPEARS TO BE SET: Coldwell Banker and Realogy Appear to Be Headed to the Jury On $225MM TCPA Claim

As I reported a couple months back, a Court in California certified a TCPA class action against brokerage giant Realogy related to calls made by Coldwell Banker agents, amongst others.

The classes have enough members to put at least $225MM at stake in the case (and it could be a lot more.)

Well just last Thursday the Court just denied Reaolgy’s request to seek reconsideration of the certification ruling. So Realogy appears to be stuck in a certified class action, which is barreling toward trial.

In fact, the Court just issued an order setting a pretrial conference for November 10, 2022, and trial is set for November 28, 2022!

In the meantime, the Court also just denied motions challenging the Plaintiff’s expert Anya Verkhovskaya, meaning that she’ll get to testify at trial.

TCPAWorld hasn’t seen a true mega trial–i.e. a trial of a certified class action with nine (or ten) figure exposure in some time. Will be extremely interesting to see where this goes.

And while Realogy has added new counsel recently, I don’t see any true Czar-level “monster trial lawyer” types on their side just yet. (Maybe I’m missing it.)

Definitely don’t want to walk into this unless you’re loaded for bear folks.

Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on this one. I suspect it will settle for some ridiculous number. But if not I may send Kiera down to take notes on the trial. We’ll see.


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