GET READY–Deserve to Win (Ep. 4) Is Dropping Next Week. Here is Your FIRST LOOK at What’s in Store

So summer vacations are behind us and its back to Deserve to Win business.

In episode 4, Plaintiff’s lawyer Adrian Bacon joins us IN STUDIO to break down all the biggest TCPA news.

For those who don’t know Adrian, he is one of the most prolific TCPA filers out there–he is with the famous “Firestarter” Todd Friedman’s office–and is a die hard believer in TCPA ATDS claims.

He was the recent loser in the big Red Robin ATDS decision and he spends some time explaining why he intends to appeal that case!

Of course I absolutely blast his “cobbled together” analysis–see clip below–but it is great to hear directly from Adrian about his view of ATDS cases and the importance of source code review.

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We cover a lot of ground in this podcast. In addition to covering Michigan’s new TCPA statute and our ENORMOUS FIRST IN THE NATION win in Bacarri we talk through the Wizard’s massive article on the “Robo King” and his terrible behavior.

You can catch a clip of PJ blasting the “awful human being” behind millions of unwanted robocalls here:

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But most of the episode was spent talking about LEAD GENERATION and, in particular, lead fraud.

Adrian Bacon was one of the first lawyer’s in the nation to bring suit in TCPA cases alleging lead fraud and he has not slowed down. I push him on it and he does not back down at all–in his view:

“Leads manufacturing is a very real problem.”

-Adrian Bacon, Deserve to Win (Ep. 4.)

Here him break it down here:

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And of course, the demand has reached fever pitch around R.E.A.C.H.

EVERYBODY is talking about it. EVERYBODY wants in. The state AGs are taking notice, Congressional staffers are paying attention. I have MOST of the biggest lead buyers out there lined up–and I haven’t even formally started the thing yet. hahahhaha

Its amazing the POWER the Czar wields in the space. And for good reason. Nobody has worked longer and harder to stop robocalls, on the one hand, while protecting the rights of legitimate businesses (and the First Amendment) on the other. And with R.E.A.C.H. I will finally have a true crowning (pun?) achievement.

For those who wonder about my vision–i.e. how am I going to clean up the lead industry, stop a billion unwanted robocalls a month, and keep the world safe for direct to consumer marketing while raising contact rates and creating a shield against carrier blocking and labeling issues?

It all starts with consumer empowerment–as I explained in this LESS THAN TWO MINUTE clip you MUST watch if you have any interest in the future of the lead generation/direct to consumer marketing space. This IS the change that is coming:

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The full Deserve to Win (Ep. 4) will drop next week. (Either Tuesday or Wednesday.) So be on the look out.

In the meantime I am looking forward to in a few days! Don’t be afraid to say hello!!!


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  1. Love the idea of R.E.A.C.H. I have been the victim of fraudulent leads too many times. But, what I see is that too many lead buyers are still going to simply defer to the worthless representations and warranties of the lead seller knowing full well that the leads are far from legitimate, just as they do now.

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