HERE IT IS!: Deserve to Win (Ep. 4) the FULL EPISODE In all of Its Adrian Bacon-Wrapped Glory

A little bacon-themed pun in the title for this one. Yeah, I’m that good.

Well you’ve been waiting for it, clamoring for it, for pacing around the room looking for it–but now you can finally HAVE it.

Deserve to Win Episode 4 is HERE. And Adrian Bacon–one of the best known Plaintiff’s lawyer out there–takes center stage, joining the TCPAWorld crew for the full length of the podcast. This isn’t just an interview folks, he joins us to break down each of a number of critical TCPA developments.

In this episode we address:

    1. The Troutman Firm’s HUGE first-in-the-nation win on standing grounds in the Bacarri case;
    2. The new Michigan TCPA bill;
    3. The Wizard’s amazing take down of a robo king;
    4. The Red Robin case–this was Adrian’s case!–and all the fun ATDS discussion you can handle;
    5. The ongoing debate around FAKE leads and the need for a trade organization that takes the issue head on; and
    6. The terrible horrible no good rules around personal liability in connection with the TCPA.

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  1. I just spent the last hour absorbing your podcast. The 4 most relevant words in this podcast: GENERATE YOUR OWN LEADS. How true. How relevant. Anybody that buys leads DESERVES TO LOSE! Thanks for sharing.

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