TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: “Click Monkeys” and Beto O’Rourke

TCPAWorld is a colorful place, especially after dark.

So I LOVE covering all the political TCPA suits that get filed– a natural consequence of our superheated political landscape (political parties should be illegal BTW) AND our hatred of robocalls. What better way to score political points and punish partisan foes than by suing under the TCPA?

Enter Joe Shields.

He loves filing TCPA lawsuits (I assume, since he does it with some regularity.) And why not beat up on the guy trying to make Texas purple while he’s at it?

So Shields filed a new TCPA suit in Texas naming Mr. Beto O’Rourke PERSONALLY in the suit, which challenges Shields received ONE campaign message without his consent.

One message.

Shields, however, alleges that the single message violated 4 different provisions of the TCPA, as well as a bunch of state provisions. Altogether he wants at least $12k in damages.

While that is already newsworthy, Shields takes a particularly aggressive stance on the use of P2P clicker technology:

Yep. He calls agents/volunteers sending messages “clicker monkeys.”

Clicker monkeys.

I’ve got nothing.

Read the complaint here:

Complaint about Beto


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  1. Beto needs to hire Troutman to defend him with the “clicker monkey” defense. The TCPA states “It shall be unlawful for any PERSON…” A monkey is not a person.

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