TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: Latest Deserve to Win Podcast (Ep. 5 with MIKE GREENWALD!!)–Here is a Little Smattering of What’s in Store

Well couldn’t be more excited to announce that Deserve to Win episode 5 (!) will be dropping next Tuesday. WOW!

Mike Greenwald. Old Mr. No. 1.

In this episode we spend a bunch of time with Mike Greenwald–the NUMBER ONE scariest plaintiff’s lawyer out there, according to my power rankings–talking about his whacko (but unbeatable) strategy for certifying TCPA wrong number class actions.

You will not want to miss this episode and I will be teasing a few of the INCREDIBLE moments from the podcast over the next week.

For now here is a quick little smattering of bite-sized treats.

First, how about a quick discussion about Callier’s recent win suing a corporate CEO personally in a TCPA case on a vicarious liability theory (huh?):

Next Queenie EXPERTLY breaks down the ruling in Abboud v. Agentra 2022 WL 4099740 (N.D. Tex. Sept. 7, 2022) :

Pretty good, no?

Next, RED states or BLUE states? Which are more aggressive at coming after marketers for violating consumer protection regs? The answer may surprise you:

Lots more great content–including words from Greenwald himself–will be teased tomorrow. Stick around…



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