GREENWALD STRIKES AGAIN: Obtains $5MM Settlement from Snap Financial After TCPA Wrong Number Class Certification

So how dangerous are TCPA wrong number class actions?

Snap Finance, LLC just agreed to pay $5MM to settle a claim involving 60,000 potential wrong numbers, or about $83.33 per person–and this is in Utah!

In Wesley v. Snap Finance, 2022 WL 4544927 (D. Utah Sept. 28, 2022) the court granted preliminary approval to the settlement–which involved a class that was previously certified.

Unsurprisingly, the case was brought by Aaron Radbil of Greenwald Davidson Radbil PLLC. Coincidentally, Mike Greenwald if the firm–who along with Aaron remain the NUMBER ONE most dangerous Plaintiff’s lawyer on our power rankings–joined the Deserve to Win podcast for Ep. 5 set to drop tomorrow.

If you missed it, I posted some great clips from the interview on Friday.

Well here is our LAST CLIP before the full episode drops TOMOROW. In it Greenwald discusses whether companies should be using the FCC’s new Reassigned Number Database:

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Greenwald–who got his start sharing rooms at a La Quinta–will make another $1.5MM or so off this settlement.

Eesh. The rich get richer. And YOU might end up a lot poorer if you’re not taking wrong number TCPA class litigation seriously.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the full Episode of Deserve to Win for incredibly important tips and thoughts regarding avoiding and defending TCPA wrong number litigation. More to come TCPAWorld.


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