OUT NOW–THE ONE YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR: Deserve to Win (Ep. 5)–With MR. NUMBER ONE Mike Greenwald

Wells folks, I’ve been teasing it for weeks now but Episode 5 of the Deserve to Win VIDEO podcast is NOW AVAILABLE.

This thing is absolutely stacked and packed and slammed and jammed.

We cover a host of important topics including:

After that breakdown we get to the huge interview with Greenwald.

As a reminder, Greenwald was ranked NUMBER ONE as the MOST dangerous TCPA plaintiff’s lawyer in this year’s power rankings.

So if there was EVER an Episode of Deserve to Win you were going to watch, THIS is the one.

Listen in to discover:

  • Greenwald’s origin story–where did this guy come from?
  • Greenwald’s hugely successful strategy pursuing wrong number TCPA class actions
  • How Greenwald LOST one of the biggest class action issues of all
  • Greenwald’s take on Article III standing issues
  • Greenwald’s take on the recent ruling in Hunstein
  • Greenwald’s take on the reassigned number database–does he promise not to sue companies that use it???

Listening to Greenwald you get a real sense of who the guy is and his strategy for selecting and pursuing cases. TONs of useful information for folks who are litigating against Greenwald and those who simply want to avoid being sued by him.

This thing is beefy and tons of fun. ENJOY:


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