RETURN OF THE QUEEN(IE)!: Well Folks, Its OFFICIAL–Puja J. Amin Joins Troutman Firm and This Changes Everything…

So, less than six months ago I promised everyone I was going to build the greatest law firm of all time.

Since then I’ve added a bunch of lawyers and staff (and a bunch more are on the way).

And now I am adding a Queen(ie.)

Puja Amin in Lawyer Mode

Other than the Czar, Puja J. Amin is probably the best known TCPA lawyer on the planet. She’s made a TREMENDOUS name for herself first as corporate counsel for loanDepot–where she helped guide the company through a successful IPO–and more recently as General Counsel of a lead generation company.

But at her core Puja is a litigator, not an inhouse counsel. She worked for me many years ago in a galaxy far far away and we stayed close–even as her career skyrocketed–because I knew (as perhaps did all of you) it was just a matter of time before she’d rejoin me.

Troutman Firm + Queenie= YES PLEASE

And now she has.

Today is officially Puja’s first day at Troutman Firm and I could not be more excited.

Puja is vastly experienced not just in defending TCPA and privacy litigation suits, she has helped counsel MAJOR companies on TCPA, marketing and privacy related matters both as inside and as outside counsel. She KNOWS EVERYTHING when it comes to the direct to consumer marketing game–she has worked inhouse for both a MASSIVE lead buyer and a CUTTING EDGE lead supplier. So she’s an incredibly experienced dual legal threat that the lead generation world can’t do without.

Puja in Beast Mode

But her ability to get into a case, analyze it, tear apart a litigator (or their counsel) and deliver a swift resolution for a client is her real talent. Fantastic to have an ABSOLUTE ACE MONSTER litigator back at my side.

And of course, Puja is famously unstoppable. Her grit and determination is legendary. As the pictures show Puja is an ELITE athlete–an ultra marathoner who pushes herself to the absolute limit in some of the fiercest and most incredibly difficult races on the planet. She has no quit in her. Zero. And THAT’S exactly the kind of person I am always looking to partner up with.

What is wrong with this person?

Speaking of partnering up, I suspect Troutman Firm will be undergoing a few changes soon (of the LLP variety.) DON’T WORRY though nothing will change from a culture or pricing perspective. You will all still get the same incredible VALUE that Troutman Firm is already famous for along with all the great fun blogging, content, videos, and swag–but we will soon have a new name. (Expect more on that soon.)

Queenie is on top of the world–and so am I!

So PLEASE join me in welcoming the RETURN OF THE QUEEN(ie)!!!!!




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