Well aren’t we an edgy bunch…

Crazy that Troutman Firm hasn’t even existed for 6 months yet hmmm?

Where did this powerhouse firm come from?

Doing battle with the Plaintiff’s bar and the entire assembled #biglaw masses with effortless grace and ease. (Related, check this headline: Biglaw And The Dreaded Stealth Layoff: It’s Happening Again. What you need to know about the mysterious method Biglaw firms use to get rid of lawyers.)

Fighting the good fight, to stop unwanted robocalls while keeping innocent callers safe and assuring fantastic results and VALUE for the firm’s clients seemingly without breaking a sweat…

In a few short months we’ve added lawyer after lawyer. We’ve pumped out the articles. Garnered massive social media attention. Launched a TREMENDOUS video podcast and YouTube channel and delivered some of the most noteworthy WINS of the year.

And now, Queenie has joined. 

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that I’ve peaked. That this was some sort of grand crescendo.

But you’d be wrong. So very very wrong.

I’m not even close to being done.

In fact folks, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

R.E.A.C.H. articles are finalized. And I’m interviewing board members starting TODAY. (reach out if you want to be on it–no pun intended.)

I have two more signed offer letters in hand from ASBOLUTELY tremendous talents–BIG NAMES–that are going to blow you away. They will be named in the next couple of weeks!

We have an INCREDIBLE website video shoot set up in two weeks that is going to BLOW your minds. I am telling you, when the Troutman firm website launches in a month or two it will be the SINGLE MOST DISRUPTIVE THING I HAVE EVER DONE. (And that is saying something.)

The entire legal industry will be chasing it. For real.


Our SECOND OFFICE will be open soon (as in this month). In a VERY important jurisdiction.

More soon…

Yeah, its been a lot.

But I PROMISED you I was going to build the best law firm the world has ever seen. And I am a man of my word. Watch.

So, how am I able to accomplish so much so fast? (That’s what everyone is asking me right now–how are you growing so quickly???)

As always it is ENTIRELY due to my WONDERFUL, LOYAL clients and my INCREDIBLE, DEDICATED AND LOYAL hard working team.

I am eternally grateful to those who believe in me and what we are trying to create together. Thank you SO SO much. And I will NEVER let you down.

Gratitude. Loyalty. Hard work. What else is there to success?

Want to be a part of it? We’re still looking for great legal talent and, of course, SMART clients who are looking to hire a super team of TCPA/Privacy consultants and litigators (lead by the single most experienced TCPA class action defense lawyer on the planet) who handle multi-billion dollar cases BRILLIANTLY and for far (like 50%) less than #biglaw.

That’s the POWER of the Troutman Firm. And that’s a pretty easy sales pitch…



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