TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: HOLLYWOOD (AFFY!), PRAISE for Puja, and I Just Interviewed Josh Swigart for Deserve to Win (Ep. 6) And OH MAN….

So just got done recording Episode 6 of Deserve to Win. Everyone is watching this thing. SO MUCH ENGAGEMENT.

Indeed, we’re just killing it right now with momentum. So much engagement now that Queenie is back in the saddle. Check out some of the sweet things being said about Puja joining the firm:

“What should not be overlooked… is the depth of [Puja’s] expertise and her passion for working with the Czar (Eric Troutman) to create a very unique law firm.  Her in-house experience informs her highly valuable litigation and pre-litigation compliance advice.  She joins the 100% commitment of the Czar to provide broad business advice and expert technical legal guidance to the firm’s clients and to the industry (including lawmakers). The past is marked with brightness, everything from Puja’s litigation work, her in-house work, and Eric’s departure from big law to create what is the now famous Troutman Firm. With that sort of past, the brightness of the future will exceed all expectations.  Look out (TCPA) world!  Congratulations!”

-Credit Union GC

Of course we got a ton of “Excellent Puja! The dream team!” and “Congratulations Puja J. Amin and Eric and Troutman Firm.  What a powerhouse combination!” and the like. But the longer one was really incredibly thoughtful and meaningful.

Jumping back to Deserve to Win, there was just something EXTRA special about this interview.

We talked Marks for a while. You HAVE to hear this story actually. Turns out Josh and Abbas–who represented Marks–wanted out of that case so bad, but the defendant absolutely refused to settle the case–even on an individual basis. So they took the case all the way… and broke the TCPA as we knew it.

Of course that damage was eventually undone in Facebook, but my goodness the HUBRIS. 

We talked about of other fun stuff too, but mostly CIPA, CIPA, CIPA.

Turns out Josh is ALL IN on these web session replay cases. And this guy is like a weather vane. If he’s bringing these things, you can expect them to catch fire.

In fact–DID YOU KNOW, my VERY FIRST TCPA class action was against Josh?

Indeed, I landed my first ever TCPA class action because Josh returned my call when he wouldn’t return another lawyer’s call. You’ll love this story–we break it down on the podcast.

No surprise we just obtained 

No, I’m not kidding. Site will be up soon. With the addition of Puja Troutman Firm is moving heavily into defending these suits (along with the Czar’s core TCPA class action defense, of course) and we’ll be looking to provide a resource to the industry just like we have with TCPAWorld.

Separately, Episode 6 will be out sometime in the near future. More details soon!

Last, its kind of a DEAD zone for conferences right now BUT I am SUPER EXCITED for Affy this weekend! Amazing time will be had by all. We’ll be there IN HOLLYWOOD starting Sunday. Queenie, Baroness, the Dame and the Czar along with TONS of swag. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Be sure to swing by and say hello. We love selfies and signing autographs. Chat soon.



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