WELCOME TO MIAMI!: Troutman Firm Opens New Florida (Miami) Office With MONSTER Addition of Jenniffer Cabrera of DMM

Well I’m running around in little circles of excitement this morning.

Troutman Firm is officially open in Florida!

We’re open in Miami–well, technically, Boca Raton–and I could not be more excited. Literally. This is peak Czar tantalization.

I opened Troutman Firm to take care of my clients and be where they needed me, when the needed me. Without question our clients need help in Florida–particularly S.D. Fl.–where a MASSIVE wave of FTSA cases is underway. Plus the South Florida bar is notoriously aggressive and clients need the Czar’s FIREPOWER to fight back effectively. So we had to open an office as quickly as we could.

But we had to find the right talent to make it work– you know the Czar never goes halfway when it comes to finding the right lawyers. Every piece is hand chosen. Ever brick is carefully laid.

And for a Florida office I needed a true cornerstone. A solid rock upon which a new litigation empire could be built.

Meet Jenniffer (two ns, two fs) Cabrera!

Jenniffer is an INCEDIBLE addition and one extremely well known in the digital marketing world. Indeed, she was the general counsel for Digital Market Media–a leader in the digital marketing game–and brings a HUGE amount of knowledge and experience to bear for call centers, lead suppliers and direct to consumer marketers.

More importantly, Jenniffer has BALANCED experienced. She has clerked for a federal judge and spent months inside courtrooms assisting the BENCH in litigation. So not only is she a fierce advocate her inside experience makes he a tremendous asset in the courtroom.

Jenniffer will be heading up Troutman Firm’s new Florida-based team with additional pieces being announced in the coming months.

We’ll be showing Jenniffer off, live and in person, at the big Convoso Miami Roadshow event–NEXT WEEK! (Look at that timing.)

And those of you attending the huge Florida TCPA Summit (all of you?) can expect to see her there next month as well.

Our new office is located at

1825 NW Corporate Blvd, Suite 110

Boca Raton, FL 33431

Jenniffer can be reached at :

P: (561) 834-0883 (No ATDS)

F: (561) 834-0884

or jenniffer@troutmanfirm.com (Again, two ns, two fs!)

Please DO SAY HI TO HER!!!

For those of you in or Miami give me a shout. I plan to spend a bit of time down there getting things set up and I would love to do a quick tour of some call centers or grab a bite or a drink with some friends while I’m in town. So lets connect.

Wrapping this up– thank you again to ALL of you who have supported Troutman Firm from its infancy. I’d say we’ve now built a pretty steady foundation with 5 lawyers, 2 staff members and 2 offices (coast to coast.) We still have a long way to go in the quest to build the world’s greatest law firm, of course, but THANK YOU to everyone who has been riding with us to this point. I would have no success but for for your LOYALTY and BELIEF in us and it is always an HONOR to be your chosen counsel.

And Welcome to Miami TCPAWorld!



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