TCPA CORNOCOPIA [WITH A POLL]: Enjoy your Thanksgiving Week With These Fun and Tasty TCPAWorld Morsels Before You Head Out!

So I have so many fun little things to report on.

Next week, as you all know, is Thanksgiving. I will be doing my annual “TCPA Stories to be Grateful For” blog on Monday. Always a fan favorite–and I think I know what story might be number one this year.

Next, response to REACH board member request has been OVERWHELMING.

CALLING FOR BOARD MEMBERS: READ the Email the Czar Just Sent Seeking Board Members for R.E.A.C.H. ARE YOU IN?

Here are a couple of quotes from some membership applications:

We were past members of [other trade] and found that organization lacking in commitment to create any meaningful standards and we dropped out after a year.  TCPAWorld, and a few other limited sources have been VERY helpful for us to keep our knowledge fresh. R.E.A.C.H. must become what [other trade] should have been.


A similar sentiment was expressed by another applicant:

After the lame duck that was [other trade], management is apprehensive about joining industry groups.

We promise to do better. Succeeding where others fail is kind of the Czar’s thing.

But this is my favorite note so far:

Companies who take compliance seriously and “do the right thing” are nonetheless targets because it is all too easy for the plaintiffs to manufacture lawsuits. My interest in joining R.E.A.C.H. is to advocate on behalf of those in the industry who establish best practices to reach consumers who genuinely need the services that direct to consumer marketers can provide. In addition to eliminating the fraudulent robocalls, we also need to eliminate the proliferation of “it wasn’t me” suits that target the companies that are employing best practices. At the moment, those who are doing things the right way cannot compete, and we have to level the playing field.

That last sentence has it EXACTLY right. THAT is why we need a powerful trade run by lead buyers to assure that standards are adhered to by the industry. And that is just what we’re going to do.

In other news, folks are FLOCKING to bid on advertising space in the 2023 TCPA review.

ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS FINALLY HERE!: Get Your Copy of the Troutman Firm’s 2022 TCPA Year in Review Presented by Drips! (and Other Critical News)

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure how many people who have interest–or what the bid levels will be. That’s why I did it this way to try to spread the love and open it up to everyone instead of just perceived “favorites” –I love all of you equally, I swear!

If anyone is interested in bidding who didn’t receive info yet please reach out. Bidding closes next Wednesday Nov. 23, 2022.

Where to next?

How about my INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT webinar next week with Mike Gibbs discussing PRIOR EXPRESS WRITTEN COSENT!

Queenie and this really cool guy named Brendan from Polly–awesome insuretech insurance verification platform–will be joining to break down all the LATEST developments on this critical topic.

What else?

Well there’s this:


Important that you folks make it! Last speaking gig of the year for me! And the best.

Also which of these dumb memes I made do you like best?





What Czar-created meme do you like best?

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Give me a vote folks!

And last but not least, our buddy Joey Liner had Queenie on a really cool short-format podcast he’s running. Check out this incredible take from Queenie on what Troutman Firm is really all about:

That really hits the heart of what we’re trying to achieve.

For those of you who won’t be with us next week–have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. We have so much to be grateful for– but YOU are the most important part of my work day, every day. So thank you!


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