TCPA SUMMIT REVIEW: Another Amazing Time–So Much Learned and So Much Shared

Historic picture right here. The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Head of Carrier Relations for R.E.A.C.H. all together after plotting to take over (read: save) the world…

I cannot believe how fast that event just blasted by.

Two full days of incredible TCPA and privacy-related discussion.

On the first day I opened by providing the 10 MOST important things everyone needs to know about the TCPA RIGHT NOW.

If you missed it, well, you missed out. 🙂

Aaron Weiss then took the stage and provided a FANTASTIC overview about where we are right now on the FTSA. This was the most in depth FTSA discussion I have seen anyone give, to date. Plus he brought a TON of energy.

Seaver Rocking Troutman Firm Gear

After a fantastic networking lunch–so many compliance-oriented companies there–Peggy Daly and Aaron discussed class action litigation and data issues: particularly regarding B2B callers. Again this was an incredibly cool and in depth session.

I took the stage again–this time with Queenie!–to provide fantastic compliance take aways to help YOU stay compliant with the TCPA landscape.

This session was particularly focused on EXPRESS CONSENT and the dangers of lead fraud and dark patterns!

Then we had a day 1 question and answer session. And BOY OH BOY were there some doozies in there. Eesh. I dare not repeat. haha.

Then we had a great networking happy hour and dinner followed by a TCPAWorld after dark session that went very, very, late.

As TCPAWorld AfterDark readers know, compliance talk only gets better after midnight eastern time.

Day 2 we were back at it.

Michele Shuster–MY GOD IS SHE GOOD!!–gave a fantastic update on everything privacy related. She covered a massive amount of topics and fielded a FANTASTIC question and answer session. Was so cool to see. As always I learned a bunch.

Then the Czar rocked the stage, burning down the house talking constitutional issues and the TERRIBLE things the carriers are doing from a deliverability perspective.

How did it go?

Here’s some feedback I received from a first-time conference attendee:

You are incredible. I could listen to you talk for days. If you started a cult, I would join it.

Well, I sort of do have a cult. And you’re sort of already in it 😉

Another great question and answer session followed to close out the show.

Then, as tradition dictates, the REAL fun started. The post-conference party is always the greatest time of the year. Lots of new friends were made, and I found myself battling queenie on the dance dance machine.

I would have won but she cheated as you can plainly see in this clip:

So beautiful sunsets. Brilliant speakers. AMAZING content–so many compliments on the depth of the content–and the most ENGAGED AUDIENCE you are ever going to find.

Honestly, I feel like the summit attendees are some of the SMARTEST conference goers you will ever find. The folks attending the show are platform ceos and carrier compliance heads, call center pros with 30 years experience. Just really smart cool bunch. I learn something from attendees every year.

So that’s a wrap. If you weren’t there you missed out but be sure to ASK folks who attended how great it was. And move heaven and earth to find a way to attend next year’s event!


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