DESERVE TO WIN EPISODE 7 IS HERE!: Law HQ Founder Tom Alvord Sits Down with the Czar to Discuss His New App that Turns Robocall Complaints into Lawsuits WITH A SWIPE

What could be simpler?

You receive a call you don’t want, swipe left to notify a lawyer, and before you know it you have a large-dollar cash settlement in hand.

That’s the promise of a new app–called LawHQ–created by Utah attorney Tom Alvord.

Tom sat down with the Czar and the TCPAWorld team in the hotly-awaited Deserve to Win (Ep. 7.) And boy is this one worth watching.

Tom is already known as “Dr. Evil” in TCPAWorld following that time he hacked his way into finding hundreds of TCPA plaintiffs to sue a company that had somewhat lapse internet security protocols. (Eesh)

TCPAWorld’s Own Dr. Evil?: Inventor of TCPA Lawsuit Manufacturing App Gathers Massive Amounts of Data Scraped from Porch Website—Now Claims Company Owes Plaintiffs $10 Billion Dollars

But now Tom has developed an INCREDIBLY dangerous app promising to help consumers stop robocalls–and make a bunch of cash on the side.

The app called CallerHQ, which is available on Apple and the Google play store, instantly alerts his office when a robocall is reported by a consumer and allows his team to get to work researching the caller with the intention of shutting them down (via litigation) for good.

Here’s how the app is described in the play store:

CallerHQ allows you report spam and help us catch and sue telephone spammers. In our free app, you manage your calls, voicemails and text messaging in one location. When you report suspected spam to us from any of these sources, our law firm will track down the spammers; sue them in court; and split any awards 50/50 with you. Each illegal call can be worth $500 or more under federal law.

Unlike other spam call blocker apps that just “block” phone numbers, with CallerHQ you actually work with us to “stop” the spammers and scammers because we track them down and sue them.

Any robocall, telemarketer, unwanted caller, or a phone call with an unknown caller ID – you just mark it as spam and we take it from there. Our team will investigate each reported spam. With your help, we can take down spammers once and for all.

In addition to reporting the spammers and making money from the lawsuits, you also get free caller ID and free visual voicemail. Choose this app as your default phone and texting app and make the most of our spam investigation capabilities.

Crazy no?

Tom tells the Czar that he already has “thousands” of clients but that he is hoping to scale to tens–or even hundreds of thousands– of clients in the next few years.

They’re coming out, guns blazing.

And while you might think that the business model here is to file huge volumes of cases and settle them quickly, Tom swears that is not the case. He states that they WILL NOT settle cases unless on a classwide basis because they are aiming to stop spammers permanently.

Tom already has a few huge wins under his belt. In the first place he actually forced a few different bar associates to drop their bans on certain types of law firm names (watch the interview for more on this if you’re curious.)

Second, and more impressively, LawHQ are the lawyers behind the huge Chennette case in which LawHQ crushed a big firm (not Troutman Firm, of course) in an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and made some REALLY bad law (for Defendants) in so doing:

JUST AWFUL: TCPA Standing Limits Eroded as Porch Loses Appeal Claiming it Could Cold Call Business Owners Who Publicly List Their Numbers Without Consent

Those of you who attended the Summit heard Peggy, Aaron, Michele and I ALL touch on this case–it was THAT big of a case. Really remarkable.

So yeah, these guys have some credibility and they seem to be the real deal.

You CANNOT miss this critical interview in the LUCKY Seventh edition of the renowned video podcast Deserve to Win. Click the link below to watch!:



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