So I just got back from two days presenting at the big TCPA Summit, but I’m not done presenting for the week. Far from it!

TODAY I’m doing two GREAT webinars that you have to be a part of.

First, I am doing a CRITICAL UPDATE for the lead generation world following the FCC being asked to find that CONSENT CANNOT BE SOLD. More specifically, the FCC is being asked to declare that consent can only be given to the calling party. And this ruling may have retroactive effect.

CRITICAL ALERT– FCC ASKED TO SHUT DOWN LEAD GENERATORS!: How Will Industry Respond? (R.E.A.C.H. to the Rescue?)

I will be joining Mike Ferree of Lead Generation World today at 11 am to discuss this critical issue that EVERYONE is talking about.

This is one of those LINKED IN LIVE things I don’t understand but people LOVE

Register here:

Then at noon–like one hour later–I will be joining an FANTASTIC panel with Mike Gibb’s Lead Gen Bulletin to discuss how to DEFEND TCPA CASES.

I mean, come on–a free webinar with the CZAR talking about defending TCPA suits? You have to attend this one.

Register here:

Back to back webinars after I just got back from a Summit AND dropped Episode 7 of our podcast today?

Yes, I am everywhere, all the time, all at once.

Love you too TCPAWorld. Chat soon.


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