So I just spent two days in Florida meeting with tons of people and speaking for about 10 hours over two days.

Flew home yesterday and today I did back-to-back webinars.

Who does that?

I must really really care about this stuff (and you!).

Meantime the rest of the team was at the big Women in Consumer Finance Event–hi Stephanie!! Heard it was an AMAZING show so GREAT WORK!–so it has been a fun week all around.

Of course, I still expect all the billable work to be in perfect condition and timely delivered, so my poor (I rarely say that) team is definitely burning the candle at both ends right now. Plus I might be a teensy weensy grumpier than usual.

Teensy weensy.

So a couple of quick updates. First, the R.E.A.C.H. board is just about selected. I have my big “come to Czar” call set for next Thursday where I basically tell everyone that I am a Czar of action and this trade organization is going to move at blistering speed, cut through red tape with nails that shine like justice, or something.

You get my point.

Still (barely) some time to get on the board just under the wire if you’re inclined. Major buyer in the debt relief space did just that today.

Anyhoo, several–literally–of you reached out to the Czar today asking for the Duchess’ contact info following her incredible article yesterday.

Man, that thing got a ton of reads. People are REALLY into state law mini-TCPAs these days and–so are we.

Duchess is like a little mini-Pez dispenser that spits out a state law dissertation every time she opens her mouth. All right, I’m tired–this is the 17th hour of my day people–so let’s just go with Pez dispenser.

But the point here is that I have updated TCPAWorld to provide contact info for the team. Just click the “Contact the Team” tab on the main menu:

And I know, we’re a week late on having our website up. I bit the head off my web designer yesterday–which is a little unfair since theyve been asking me to review revised content (which I havent been terribly happy with) so the delay is somewhat on me. Anyway– website up soon.

But until it is you can reach out to any of your favorite TCPAWorld personalities by visiting the “Contact the Team” button.

That’s it. Goodnight all. Love you TCPAWorld.


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