ITS ALMOST TIME!: Solstice is Sneaking Up On Us, Here Are a Few SUGGESTIONS On How to Pass Those Long Winters’ Nights

All right, so I am headed to the airport shortly to fly out to our big HOLIDAY PARTY/retreat.

You may have heard about this thing. Definitely WON’T be the party of the century, but I am looking forward to relaxing with the team tonight and a few of our closest friends and supports in Scottsdale, AZ.

As most of you know, the Czar traditionally takes a long winter’s nap from Dec. 21-Jan 5. (“Solstice” as we call it around here.) And this year will be no different. TODAY is my last day in the office–and its really kind of a quarter day since I am travelling and getting ready for tonight’s event. Then I will be turning down the jets for the year.

While I will still likely do a few blogs between now and the end of the year you are HIGHLY unlikely to reach me during the next few weeks. So I wanted to take a few minutes to THANK all of you again for your incredible support this year. It has truly meant the world! The transition was far more successful than I could have imagined. And this team is truly amazing.

We have lots more big news moving into the near year. Troutman Firm website will be up soon, and you just won’t be able to stop playing with this thing. R.E.AC.H. website and membership will be open by January 1. The Troutman Firm team will be at Lead Generation World in full force January 8. And we may have one more tiny little surprise planned for everyone just yet… wait and see. 🙂

For those of you wondering what to do without us over the holidays, I HIGHLY suggest re-watching some our Deserve to Win episodes. These things are INCREDIBLE. I am really proud of how they turned out, even as our latest episode makes use of a new producer and better graphics, techniques, etc.

Just look at the names we’ve had on the show so far: Anthony Paronich (Ep. 1), Jay Edelson (Ep. 3), Mike Greenwald (Ep. 5), and the Law HQ guys just to name a few.

I know there is nothing more comforting than spending a little time with the Czar and the TCPAWorld crew over the holidays. So give them all a watch now while you cozy up by the fire:

The FIRST episode– with Anthony Paronich!

Episode 2– The ATDS Episode With Safe Select Creator Dan Greenwell!
Episode 3– with Titan of the Privacy Bar Jay Edelson!

Episode 4– with Adrian Bacon!


Episode 5– The Wrong Number Episode with Mike Greenwald! 


Episode 6– Josh Swigart and CIPA Breakdown!

Episode 7–Law HQ Guys, Swiping Left on Robocalls!

As I said, expect to hear from me a couple more times yet this week, but be prepared for the loss of the Czar for a little while. I need to rest and recharge my jets– and I hope you ALL get a little downtime this holiday season as well.

(A bit) More to come…


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