SURPRISE!: Deserve to Win (Ep. 8) With RND Director Beth Sprague Drops TOMORROW!

SO I have been going 1,000,000 miles per hour this month and I havent even had time to tease the AWESOME new 8th episode of Deserve to Win.

In this episode we have Beth Sprague–Director of the Reassigned Numbers Database join us to discuss the RND.

We break down how it works, how much it costs, and why it is so important. All the stuff you’d expect!

But we also talk about why the database is so under utilized right now.

Beth is super sharp–she really gets it. And she’s a really thoughtful guest.

Here are a couple of quick clips to hold you over until tomorrow.

First, Queenie shares her thoughts on Beth:

As you can tell, Queenie is really impressed with Beth and the importance of the database.

Then the Czar breaks down his concerns that the RND is being under utilized and that no one is really talking about it. Why is everyone only learning about the database and its importance from

TCPAWorld has become a massively important channel for those interested in understanding telecom regulations in this country, but it is still BIZARRE that we have such an outsized role in encouraging RND usage.


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