FIRST TASTE!: Our Latest Deserve to Win Podcast is Dropping TOMORROW– Check Out These Great Clips

So we haven’t release a podcast episode since our amazing holiday party and the MASSIVE TCPAWorld developments have been piling up in the meantime.

Thankfully your favorite legal personalities–the Deserve to Win crew–got together last week to break down all the big news.

We’ll be dropping the full podcast tomorrow, but here is a taste of the big 10th episode of the show.

First, we tackle the BIGGEST STORY in history–the FCC nearly destroying Phone Burner–a popular calling platform–with an order directing carriers to shut down certain traffic it was sending. This clip will really help you understand the importance of these events:

Second, the CFPB–still dead— issued a MASSIVE ruling that might end lead generation in the mortgage vertical as we know it. The use of pingposts–extremely common auction software in the lead gen space–was deemed to be illegal kickbacks under RESPA! Plus the CFPB’s anti-steering rules applicable to online comparison sites are a HUGE deal–both in and out of the mortgage vertical. Check out the video segment lead by the Duchess here:

Last (for now) the California Invasion of Privacy (CIPA) is a critically important statute that is generating HUGE dollar litigation right now. Under CIPA a website operator that embeds a third-party chatbox might be WIRETAPPING–a massive no no that carries between a $2,500 and $5k penalty PER CHAT! You can’t miss the Dame and the Czar breaking down a new case holding that these cases might have real legs!:

Check back tomorrow when the full episode–including an incredible interview with small-business owner who is being personally sued by Nathan Barton–drops here on TCPAWorld!

Unrelated, absolutely HUGE VOLUMES of traffic on and this month–thanks for being so engaged folks! Really appreciate it! means a lot. 🙂


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  1. Glad to hear The Troutmeister bringin’ it on with a new Deserve to Win!! Even better to see (and hear – pun intended) you added a mic for each participant to alleviate the sound issues I pointed out a while back.
    It’s a glorious world!

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