HERE IT IS!!: Deserve to Win (Ep 10) Is Out NOW And Chock Full of TCPA Goodness!

Well our amazing tenth episode of Deserve to Win is out now and we somehow managed to outdo ourselves again.

We jammed so many critical TCPA stories into one episode its almost a shame to have wasted all the good stories at once. Its an episode full of high calorie content that will have you so full you’ll be struggling to breathe afterward. Really incredibly important stuff you simply cannot miss.

On the podcast–which you can watch below– we cover:

PLUS we break down that infosec DISASTER over at #bigfirm Troutman Pepper–NOT AFFILIATED WITH TROUTMAN FIRM–DO NOT GET CONFUSED. TP was apparently hit by a massive cyberattack and we discuss the ramifications for client privacy when something CRAZY like this happens to #biglaw (which seems to be occurring with increasing frequency.)

Here’s the clip discussing the TP cyberattack incident. You’ll want to watch this one:

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THEN we get to our interview with our amazing guest.

Joe Delfgauw is a small business owner who has been sued by repeat-litigator Nathan Barton. Delfgauw has been named personally in a lawsuit–which he has been fighting tooth and nail.

According to Delfgauw, Barton wants him to “write a check like everybody else” but Delfgauw won’t. He says he’s willing to fight Barton all the way to trial– “I’d rather pay my lawyers $50k than pay Barton $5k” he tells us. And he’s been fighting hard–he has “wounded” Barton with a summary judgment ruling finding a “reasonable inference can be made that [Barton] consented to be contacted so that he may bring a TCPA claim as business.”


Joe’s story really is amazing. While guys like Barton are made into folk heroes by NPR, people like Joe are the ones TCPAWorld wants to highlight. There are real people impacted by these lawsuits. Their reputations and their businesses and threatened. And many times, for no good reason.

Watch the interview below and you can come to your own conclusions. Enjoy!

Enjoy! And for more GREAT content follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube channel!


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