BREAKING: FCC Issues Ruling Requiring Carriers to Block Certain Texts–Issues WORLD CHANGING NPRM that Limits the Sale of Consent Forms

I do what I can.

I can’t do everything.

But I do what I can.

And that includes warning my friends when I get word that something really big is coming down.

Now I always have to be careful. Sometimes I speak a little cryptically. But I always do my best go guide folks.

I created R.E.A.C.H. to save an industry. And now you’ll see why.

Today the FCC issued a notice of proposed rulemaking that will absolutely upend the lead generation industry–and will cause a little of other interesting (unforeseeable) consequences. You can read the entire thing here: FCC’s Latest World-Change Thing

More analysis here:

“CLOSING THE LEAD GENERATOR LOOPHOLE”: FCC Considering Banning Transfer of Online Consent Forms–and Other Critical Changes–and I WARNED YOU!


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  1. Agree that consent be considered granted only to callers logically and topically associated with the website. Disagree that consent only applies to whose names are clearly disclosed on the same web page. Propose adding limit of sale of data to no more than 5 partners listed on the hyperlink. Again, must be only sold to companies logically and topically associated with the website.

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