Sunday Update: FCC NPRM Webinar Link Now Available

So I’ve been emailing back and forth with David Frankel this weekend. Even he seems to agree lead generators aren’t all evil. But we need to stop fraud. Bottom line.

Hoping to get some consumer-side support for the REACH standards even while I get industry titans to line up behind them as well. Fraud detection is turning out to be a huge component–maybe the big component. More to come.

Anyway, here is that link for the big webinar Tuesday. Again, we will be discussing the FCC’s huge new NPRM that threatens to shut down an entire industry–and wipe out thousands of small and medium sized businesses. (That story has already become the most read TCPAWorld article of all time–surpassing the Phone Burner story from last month–this place is on fire!) Wanted you folks to have the link ASAP since there are lot of livelihoods on the line here:

Register Here.

Sign up and tell a friend. We need all hands on deck here.

Now back to your weekend.

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~ Your Humble Czar


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