SUPRISE!: 45 MINUTES UNTIL ANOTHER HUGE NPRM WEBINAR– Technological Solutions You Can Use to Protect Yourself (Somewhat)..

So I have been so busy this week I completely dropped the ball on promoting my SECOND in a series of critical webinars discussing the FCC’s new NPRM and its likely effects.

While we don’t know exactly how the NPRM is going to shake out there is NO QUESTION it will have HUGE impacts on the TCPAWorld and the contours of express written consent.

On Tuesday I joined for the biggest webinar of the year–over 500 people attended LIVE with twice that many registered. That webinar was focused on WHAT happened and HOW you can participate in the public comment period. (If you missed the webinar we will have it on our YouTube channel in a bit.)

Today, however, I will be getting PRACTICAL as Queenie and I join Nobel Biz and the innovators from Safe Select to discuss technology solutions that can help you NO MATTER WHAT happens with the NPRM.

Plus we will be discussing the proliferation of STATE LAWS and how they are impacting businesses across the country.

And it is al free (of course) and happening at 10 am pacific. 

Register here–RIGHT NOW!



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