Happy National Consumer Protection Week!

With all the hurdles this industry has been faced with recently in the name of protecting consumers, I ask myself…what more can we possibly do?

Today- it is all but impossible to continue digital marketing and lead generation without making significant changes to business models and operations.   Federal, State and even platform restrictions threaten to force some out of the digital marketing world completely… all in the name of protecting the consumer.

But are these restrictions really protecting the consumer?

They may have had some impact to robocalls and other nuisance communications, but not without imposing restrictions that ultimately threaten digital marketing companies out of business and impede the consumers ability to make choices in what they see, hear, or even the types of communications they receive……  at what price does the consumer pay for “protecting the consumer”?

There is a better way to approach this, for the industry AND the consumer. 

We all agree that the consumers MUST be protected.  Transparency within a consumers digital marketing experience is recognized as crucial, now more than ever.

I get calls daily from this village asking what the future will look like……. I wish I had a crystal ball, unfortunately – I do not.

However, I do not need a crystal ball to tell you that the landscape of the digital marketing and lead generation industry will be evolving and getting ahead of these changes is imperative.

Digital marketers and lead generators will need to change their operations and business models, vetting procedures, TCPA consent, remarketing policies etc.…

Lead buyers are going to have stricter requirements, lead originators will need to adapt to these requirements.

Most are hesitant to invest even more money and resources to adapt to these changes when the future is uncertain, and I don’t blame them!

Where do we go from here…what are the next steps?

R.E.A.C.H.!  Responsible Enterprises Against Consumer Harassment.  

R.E.A.C.H. Members are comprised of lead buyers, originators and service providers in the direct-to-consumer marketing world who have come together to set appropriate standards for lead generation activities that align with the spirit of regulatory restrictions and will protect the consumer!


There is a way to navigate this environment with minimal efforts and resources but if you don’t get involved now, you will not have a hand in how this landscape will take shape.

The best part is……. your participation and involvement will play a huge part in changing the perception of lead generation and shaping the evolution of our village.  THESE EFFORTS ALSO PROTECT THE CONSUMER–   I am not just talking about transparency with the consumer experience and expectations ……. I am talking about R.E.A.C.H. endeavors stopping 500,000,000 unwanted calls to consumer per month!  (You are welcome FTC.)

R.E.A.C.H. is ready for whatever the future holds –  Are you?

Find me at Leadscon next week to chat about R.E.A.C.H. efforts and how you can get involved or email the Czar (Eric Troutman, President of R.E.A.C.H.) to sign up today!

In the meantime, ask yourself – what more can my business do to protect consumers?

Love this village –  Stay Compliant!


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