NOW THIS IS HOW YOU MARK INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY: Queenie Elevated to Named Partner– Troutman Firm will become Troutman Amin, LLP Effective May 1, 2023

Well it is International Woman’s Day–right in the middle of Women’s History Month–and here’s a quick story about a woman MAKING history– Puja J. Amin.

Our beloved Queenie.

Today we officially announce that the firm she helped me create–Troutman Firm–is changing forms (and names) and will become Troutman Amin, LLP effective May 1, 2023.

Yep, Queenie will have her name right next to mine on the door when we move into our new office May 1, 2023.

Told you I had a big announcement to make today! 🙂

Obviously I could not be more proud and pleased about this.

The truth is it is really tough for a lady to succeed in the legal industry these days. #biglaw in particular struggles with keeping women lawyers. I’ve (obviously) shown my commitment to helping women lawyers succeed–my team is full of a bunch of killer lady litigators– but beyond that it is CRITICAL for powerful partners at firms of every size to REPAY those who have helped them earn their success.

Loyalty matters. And if someone is willing to dedicate their career to you it is simply immoral not to invest in them, help them succeed and–ultimately–make room for their name alongside yours. If you’re not willing to build people up and advance them then you are just EXPLOITING them. None of that for me thanks.

As I’ve said recently, Puja is an absolute hero change maker. She is different. Absolutely special. The one person I have ever known who works just as hard as I do… maybe harder. And she is an absolutely incredible attorney. Simply incredible. She has invested the time and commitment it takes to be truly great at something. And she truly does deserve this.

A lot of people will praise me for doing this but–trust me–she is doing me the favor here. She could have partnered with any lawyer at any firm on the planet. I am proud she chose to set up shop with the Czar.

Here’s the fun press release that will be out shortly on the subject:

Coinciding with International’s Women Day, nationally-renowned complex litigator Eric J. Troutman announced today the elevation of his long-time colleague Puja J. Amin to named partner.

“Puja is an ultramarathoner and elite athlete who dresses like she’s on a runway, drinks bourbon, and drives an Aston Martin. She just also happens to be the best lawyer I have ever worked with and a close friend of mine.” Troutman said in announcing the change. “It is an absolute honor to have her name alongside my own on the firm’s door.”

Per Troutman, Amin also helped found the Troutman Firm and was an absolute driving force in the firms’ incredible success.

“There is no question I wouldn’t be where I am today without Puja’s contributions. Most firms simply take from capable professionals without ever really giving back–big law, in particular, is incredibly exploitative, especially of young women attorneys.” Troutman reflected “I pledged to be different and always give back to those who have been loyal and worked hard for me. And today I am pleased to meet that commitment in the biggest possible way.”

For her part, Amin expressed excitement to have her name on the door of the firm, which has a skyrocketing reputation: “Everyone knows Troutman Firm. This brand is so powerful and so well regarded. To think my name will be right there next to Troutman as we continue to build the firm and the brand is absolutely a dream come true.”

She also explained what the new firm name meant to her family. “My father was an immigrant and came to his country with very little. It was the same for my mother. I am the first lawyer in my entire extended family and for the ‘Amin’ name to now be etched in legal history in this way, it is truly truly impactful for all of us.” Amin stated, wiping away a tear.

“No one knows how hard I’ve worked for this.” Amin continued. “it is exceptionally difficult to excel in the legal profession as a women and, of course, Troutman does not just hand out something like this. You have to really earn it. And I know that I have. Now it is just a matter of keeping my foot on the gas and really pushing forward to make sure this firm continues to gain ground as a national powerhouse.”

The change in firm form will be effective May 1, 2023.

Troutman Firm is a nationally-recognized complex litigation and privacy consulting law firm based in Irvine, CA. The firms handles multi-billion dollar complex federal court litigation and provides compliance advice and counseling on emerging privacy and telecom legal issues.

Please join me in reaching out to Queenie this am to congratulate her. 🙂 (although it will be soon)



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