SUNDAY SURPRISE: A Bunch of Great Content For You…

This guy is a hoot.

Well everyone is eagerly awaiting my revamped power rankings of TCPA Plaintiff’s lawyers–that will be out tonight!!!!

But before then, I need to get a quick jump on delivering weekly content because the team and I are travelling tomorrow and then in conference mode– LeadsCon!

First up, we have an AMAZING new podcast episode (Ep 11) dropping this week, including an interview with the CEO of Richardson Marketing Group–the outfit that got Allstate in all that trouble and lead to the CRUSHING Gebka settlement.

The guy had to layoff 12 people as a direct result of the lawsuit. You will NOT BELEIVE what this guy has to say. Definitely our most fascinating interview to date. Really really impactful stuff.

For now though I have some awesome clips for you.

First, of course, more discussion about that incredibly important FCC ruling everyone is talking about. Many of you have watched the Czar’s hour long breakdown, but for those who only have 12 minutes handy here is the reduced-length primer you’ve ben waiting for:

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Also lots of incorrect/inaccurate information out there on this NPRM. Folks who aren’t reading it very carefully or who are focused on the wrong parts of it. Make sure you’re getting your news on this from a reliable source…

Moving on, however, we learned last week that Biden’s pick for the 5th (vacant) FCC commissioner seat Gigi Sohn was withdrawing her nomination after quasi-Democrat Joe Manchin of WV refused to support her candidacy, calling her too partisan. Wow.

We do a quick breakdown of this development and what it may mean for the NPRM (after the Czar gets done with an “I told you so”):

Next the Dame–who is often overshadowed by the Baroness, but who is (nonetheless) well-loved by TCPAWorld and the Czar– had a huge win a while back and we didn’t pause to acknowledge it properly. In this clip she demands a little attention–and we give it to her, because it really was a great win:

And last (for now), the state of Georgia has a huge new bill that would MASSIVELY change its laws and ENCOURAGE class actions (eesh) against companies for calls made by third parties regardless of whether they knew of the calls, and the state law mini-TCPAworld is really sprinting ahead at full speed:

But those are just the clip from the Deserve to Win podcast. The Czar did TWO webinars and TWO podcasts last week–my god, who do I get any work done?–and this one I did for the Affiliate Marketing Show was really amazing.

In the interview–which includes Adam Young the CEO of Ringba! as well as Josh Sebo COO of Offervault! and some guy named Harrison Gevirtz! who is a man/myth/legend (just like me)– we discuss a bunch of cool stuff including:

  • How’d I become the Czar?
  • Why do lawyers always use a middle initial?
  • How amazing is Puja J. Amin and why is the firm changing from Troutman Firm to Troutman Amin, LLP?
  • Are my staff members called sharecroppers?
  • How do I create such AMAZING culture on my team?
  • What’s up in the TCPAWorld that affiliate marketers need to know RIGHT NOW.

No messing around, this was one of my favorite interviews ever. Really cool vibe. These guys are great and we were all giggling half the time. I think you’ll enjoy it too. Check it out:

And last but not least my good friend Joey Liner did a FANTASTIC breakdown of the NPRM with some really tangible actionable pointers that might be helpful depending on the outcome of the proceeding (of course if things go worst-case scenario there isn’t much that can be done.)

This clip in particular is VERY impactful, however, as Joey breaks down the importance of the lead generation industry and why the industry shouldn’t be shut down:

Really amazing and important stuff. Good work Joey.

Power rankings released soon. Chat soon!


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