DELIVERING A LAWSUIT: Domino’s Pizza Faces FTSA Class Action in Florida!

Hi TCPAWorld! The Baroness here. Back from LeadsCon in Vegas and here to share some big news.

Domino’s Pizza gets hit with a major FTSA class action!

Some background facts.

A man by the name of Jonathan Hammonds filed suit against Domino’s Pizza in Brevard County, Florida. Hammond alleges “[f]or at least the past year, [Domino’s] has bombarded [him] with telephonic sales calls on [his] cellular telephone number…without his prior express written consent.”

One of the text reads: “Happy Holidays, make all your pizza dreams come true with Domino’s Perfect Combo Deal for $19.99. Code 9213.”

Hammond further alleges that Domino’s utilized an automated system that automatically selected and dialed his and the class members’ telephone numbers.

Hammonds seeks to represent the following class: All persons in Florida who, (1) were sent a telephonic sales call regarding Defendant’s property, goods, and/or services, (2) using the same equipment or type of equipment utilized to call Plaintiff.

Although the case was originally filed in state court, Domino’s removed the case to federal court based on the Class Action Fairness Act to the Middle District of Florida.

Since the case was just removed a few days ago, the case is still in its nascent stage. It will be interesting to see how this case pans out. Will Domino’s respond aggressively?

Stay tuned for more updates!


Case no.: 6:23-CV-00503


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