HERE IT IS–the SPECTACULAR 11th Edition of the Deserve to Win Podcast– A Small Business Crushed by TCPA Suit and Discussion on FCC NPRM

Deserve to Win’s HUGE 11th episode brings the story of Richardson Marketing Group– a “Best Places to Work in Ohio” honoree that lost two-thirds of its employees following a TCPA lawsuit.

Once an up and coming performance marketing company, the business was placed on life support when it became tangled up with a TCPA class action against Allstate.

Deryck Richardson–the owner of the company–joins Deserve to Win to discuss the crushing impact of the lawsuit and the gut wrenching decision he faced to either shut down the business or layoff employees after Allstate put him on a “black list.” He explains how he felt “bullied” into laying off his employees.

Tons of reaction to this clip. Really rough stuff. For more INTRIGUING content be sure to follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube channel.

Meanwhile Allstate paid millions to settlement the lawsuit– but he tells us offshore call center reps are STILL making illegal calls in Allstate’s name!

What’s going on here?

Before we get there though, the TCPAWorld team breaks down several CRITICAL developments.

First, the Czar breaks down the FCC’s new NPRM and its MASSIVE potential impact on the TCPAWorld.

Second, the Duchess breaks down a big win for American Express in enforcing an arbitration provision and avoiding a TCPA class action.

Third, the Dame breaks down her MASSIVE WIN ruling holding calls offering to BUY property are not solicitations under the TCPA’s DNC rules–even when those calls are used as part of a lead generation process. You’ll want to hear this one.

Plus, Queenie covers the shakeup at the FCC with Gigi Sohn withdrawing from the nomination process to be the 5th FCC commissioner and the Wizard breaks down yet ANOTHER new state potential state mini-TCPA–a new Georgia bill that would authorize class action litigation against sellers that use third-party telemarketers to sell goods or services.

Its all here in a PACKED 11th epiode! WATCH NOW!

Watch our 11th Episode of Deserve to Win now! And for more CRITICAL content be sure to follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube channel!


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