TCPAWORLD AfterDark: hodgepodge…

17 hour day for the Czar, but the last few were spent catching up with a remarkable friend so.. fun.

Also spent about 45 minutes checking out our new office space. Under construction. This place is amazing. Cannot way for May 19th (when we move in!)

Queenie bragging her office is bigger than mine on LinkedIn.

Grumble grumble.

Before then though–May 1–the official transition to Troutman Amin, LLP will be complete. Swung by the bank today to finalize opening those accounts!

Another big data breach in big law today. Those folks simply cannot keep their client’s data safe. Can’t believe anyone is KNOWINGLY risking their data by sticking with a #biglaw firm. 100% chance it will happen again.

TP, on the other hand, is citing to TCPAWorld articles on their blog… which is delicious.

Speaking of delicious–Baroness and I had a Chicago dog at O’Hare recently.

My fave

Last but not least, which one of these new t-shirt designs do you LOVE SO MUCH?

All of them.

Goodnight TCPAWorld. Love you.


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  1. That Chicago Dog looks yummy. Too bad I avoid O’Hare at all costs. I’ll be in Beverly Hills for Cinco de Mayo. Do they have any Chicago Dog places around there?

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