(Full episode) DESERVE TO WIN (Ep. 12)– Omar Khouri w/ TCPAWorld Crew Yapping about the Wrong Number Bar

Well folks, the TCPAWorld crew is back for its twelfth edition of the popular VIDEO podcast– Deserve to Win.

This episode is absolutely stacked–and tons of fun.

First, the Czar breaks down the upcoming FCC NPRM in a fast-take session that really explains why the lead generation world might be crumbling down around us. Can R.E.A.C.H. save the day?

Second, the Dame breaks down a big ATDS ruling out of Florida–can your privacy policy really be used against you? Yes, apparently–at least according to one court. 

Third, Queenie breaks down the new CMS guidelines for 2024–and the critical change of heart around TPMO restrictions that CMS left on the cutting room floor thanks (mostly?) to R.E.A.C.H. advocacy!

Fourth, the Duchess teaches us everything we need to know about the HUGE changes going on at the state level in TCPAWorld. We talk Florida, Washington, Iowa and more!

Fifth, our new law clerk Jessica Trinh reminds us of the importance of “showing up” and discusses a massive multi-million dollar default arising out of a TCPA defendants failure to respond to a complaint in court.

And all of this happens BEFORE our tremendous interview!

Omar Khouri was tired of being called by telemarketers during COVID.

So he took up as a litigator and began suing companies allegedly calling him without consent. A few dozens demand letters later the guy had made over $100k in settlements.

He took that money and bought a bar with it, naming it the “Wrong Number.”

Visit this place!

To go along with the robocall theme he named bars at the drink favorites like “the auto warranty” and the “student loan.”

He also went so far as to name a drink after everyone’s favorite telecom lawyers– the Czar and Queenie!

The TCPAWorld crews loves what Omar has created and is HIGHLY supportive of his new venture.

Expect lots of Troutman Amin, LLP swag to land in his lap shortly and we encourage everyone to head down to 408 W 4th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 and check it out!

Watch the BRAND NEW 12th edition NOW– right here:



  1. Tut, tut, tut, Czar. Shame on you. You’re a knucklehead for calling Omar Khouri a knucklehead. Sure, his personality traits and manner of speaking may be atypical of people who you usually deal with in the legal world, but that doesn’t mean he’s a knucklehead. The lack of sophistication in his court filings themselves might make you think that he is a simpleton in comparison to folks you regularly deal with, but that’s only because the law is not his area of expertise. He is not a lawyer and hasn’t been to law school. A quick Google search reveals that he has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (psst, they don’t just hand those out to knuckleheads) and he’s owned a technology company for 17 years. It’s no small feat that he has figured out state and federal consumer laws, as well as state and federal court civil procedure well enough to have made over $150,000, filing just 13 cases. Do you think you could turn around and make close to $150,000 on the side, in a field you have no experience, education or training in, like information technology for example? You should apologize. You should also read Malcolm Gladwell’s Talking to Strangers, it might help you understand how and why people routinely underestimate people who don’t appear the part.

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