TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK: Webinar Tomorrow, Podcast Tomorrow, TCPA Today Today

Did you miss these?

So it is not quite “after dark” but have a thing this evening so here we are.

The important news first– TOMORROW at 11;30 am pacific we will have a CRITICAL webinar updating the status of the TCPA’s NPRM–you know, the one threatening to END the lead generation industry— including information on comment process, timetables, etc.

Per usual, totally free–that’s how we roll. This one is brought to you by the good folks at lead gen bulletin. (Love Mike).

Register here.

In other news, BIG Deserve to Win podcast episode drops TOMORROW. This one is really fun. We have Omar Khouri on the show–he is the guy who turned TCPA lawsuits into his own bar! The Wrong Number bar, located in Winston-Salem, NC.

Everyone must visit this place.. 

While his tactics of suing telemarketers to gain revenue to start a bar might be controversial around TCPAWorld, the guy’s decision to start a bar–and then name a drink after Queenie and I!–is just remarkably cool. So we brought the guy on the podcast to drum up some business for his neighborhood bar–and the entire TCPAWorld team will be heading his way soon. You’ll definitely want to check it out.

Also, LOVED all the LOVE from all of my LOVELY TCPAWorld denizens regarding the new Troutman Amin, LLP firm launching in just about a week. SO SO SO SO SO many well wishers. We are so lucky to have so many INCREDIBLE supporters.

But of all the kindness we received, this one from a really thoughtful Tech GC really stood out to me:

[K]udos to you and your firm for taking action on an important subject.  I’ve seen too many instances where a DEI luncheon or half-baked DEI initiative ends up being a virtue signaling exercise that creates some social media content and short-lived “feel goods” for a company, but no lasting or meaningful changes to make society better.

At the end of the day, meaningful change only happens when we make meaningful changes.  It doesn’t come from talking about change and hoping it happens. 

Congrats on making it happen and being a model for everyone else. 


When I was in #biglaw I would LIGHT PEOPLE UP for their baloney lip service DEI nonsense. “Mansfield certified”–what the hell is that? Nothing in my view.


What matters is how diverse talent is being DEVELOPED. The OPPORTUNITIES that are being created and the doors that are being opened. And hear me–I am NOT saying some lawyers should have more opportunities than others– just that everyone should be able to ride along with partners who are COMMITTED to helping everyone advance equally. But that’s just not the big firm model. Everyone is too busy looking after their own “book” to really advance any other causes.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY those who really really commit and dive in and do MORE than what is asked day in and day out should be rewarded and advanced for it, regardless of their background. And I get it, not everyone is into diversity efforts these days–“woke” and all that– but I was into it before it was cool, and I’ll probably be into it even more when it isn’t cool at all.

Because all who bleed for a cause deserve the same honors… and if you just take what you can from people who are more willing to give but don’t advance them you are just EXPLOITING them.

None of that for me.

Anyone who has ever worked for me knows that you have to EARN every inch around here. I push people harder–and the firm moves at a faster pace–than virtually any other professional environment imaginable. It is not for the weak, the timid, the lazy, the foolish, or the entitled. But for those who can meet the incredibly high standards the rewards of hard work will ALWAYS be there–and they will be shared richly and warmly with all who contributed.

But enough about that.

Last, I had a client complain today that my little daily TCPA Today podcast things weren’t going up anymore. So I will start doing them… today.

Chat soon.


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