MORNING MUSINGS: The Czar is BACK– And Right Again!

My goodness, what a ride.

So I have been out of the office–either between appearances, conferences or a wild spring-break roadtrip with my kids–for all but 5 of the last 36 days. What an incredibly challenging (but fun) time.

But I am FINALLY back in the office today and won’t hit the road again for over a week. Very exciting.

Quite a bit has changed since I disappeared. For one thing Trump is apparently facing 34 counts of feloniously falsifying his books in the most ill-fated effort to hide hush money payments in history. And I just can’t help but find delicious tie-ins to Al Capone going down for tax evasion of all things.

Somewhat related, lots of folks saying the FCC may pull the plug on Fox News if the Dominion lawsuit results in a finding that Fox intentionally mislead Americans on the election results. While it sounds wild that a major network might lose their broadcasting license, if Fox was intentionally spreading lies to destabilize the nation for profit–a fact that has not yet been proven but, which is headed to the jury– its tough to see how they are broadcasting in the “public interest, convenience and necessity.”

But would the FCC really take action here? Not weighing in just yet, but more to come on this very interesting story…

Oh, speaking of the FCC– HOW MANY OF YOU FELL FOR MY EPIC APRIL FOOL’S DAY PRANK? So, so many. Hope you enjoyed the chuckle. But it could happen. Keep your eyes peeled.

Also, unrelated to anything Queenie and I officially have drinks named after us as the Wrong Number bar out in Winston-Salem:

The Czar Cocktail
A favorite of a certain telemarketing attorney and newfound friend of the bar, this is classically made Blanton’s Old Fashioned that you just have to try.
$25.00 USD

The Queenie Cocktail
We can’t tell you the origins of this, but if you like whiskey sours, this is a drink for you. Angel’s Envy shaken with our house made sour mix, made without egg whites.
$21.00 USD

Per the bar’s owner: “We’ve had more than a few people come to try The Czar after listening to the NPR podcast.”

Its weird being famous. Going to get this guy on the podcast soon.

100% chance we will be heading out there to try one of these very soon though.

Also we added two new members to the team last week–Mila and Jess–and I’ve barely even mentioned them, which is SO unlike me. Promise to get more love headed their direction shortly.

Last, it turns out I was right (again)–this time about Florida’s headfake on autodialer amendments. Its not going anywhere after all (as predicted.) The House went one way. The Senate went another. Same thing that happened last year. Sure, they could still reconcile on an amendment. But they won’t. So the FTSA is here to stay.

Great. But also, I was right. 


Lots more great content to come this week. (Starting today.) Much love..


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