FTSA Lives On!: Late Senate Amendment to Amendment Passes

More Florida news! This morning the Florida Senate Committee on Commerce and Tourism met to hear SB 1308 and the amendment to the bill. It was noted there was a late-filed amendment to the amendment. You can read the Amendment to the Amendment here: Senate Amendment. Both amendments passed during the committee meeting while it was stated that the bill still needs work before being finalized.

The two amendments for consideration are 805210 and 817718.

Queenie brought you the amendments presented in 805210 last week, you can read them here!

Today 817718, the late-filed amendment, presented the below amendments. As you can see the Senate’s amendment keeps in place the current FTSA auto dialer definition:

Delete lines 48 – 57  and insert:

(8)(a) A person may not make or knowingly allow to be made a telephonic sales call to be made if such call involves an automated system for the selection or dialing of telephone numbers or the playing of a recorded message when a connection is completed to a number called without the prior express written consent of the called party.

(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, no action shall lie for a violation of subsection (8) for up to two communications made within 15 business days after any of the following:

We will continue to track this bill and bring you updates as it progresses!


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