TIMELINE: Things Are Moving Fast In TCPAWorld Right Now– Here are some KEY Dates to Keep in Mind

Well folks we are on the clock in a couple of different ways right now. Some CRITICAL items for TCPAWorld denizens to keep in mind. Looks like May will be a REAL blockbuster here.

First, on May 1, 2023 your beloved Troutman Firm will be no more.


But only briefly,

Because we will emerge–like the proverbial butterfly that we are–and on May 1, 2023 become Troutman Amin, LLP! With our new LLP form we can grow faster and take over vast portions of the legal world–before turning our attention to the rest of it.

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me during my larval stage–keeping with the butterfly metaphor–and THANK YOU to everyone who will continue to support us now that we are about to flap around out there in the wide world with colorful wings.

Next, on May 5, 2023 the Florida legislative session is scheduled to end. The latest news out of Florida is that the new Yarborough amendment in the Senate would mostly align with the state house’s bill–meaning that the FTSA may really be going away!!!

Specifically, the new version of the bill would:

  • require a “stop” request and give callers an opportunity to cure before a lawsuit could be brought- VASTLY reducing the effectiveness of the statute (and perhaps even encouraging callers to hit Florida consumers so long as they can effectively obey an opt out request); and
  • Change the “or” in the statutory autodialer definition to an “and”–which would VASTLY reduce the scope of the statute; and
  • Would make the changes retroactive as to any class action that has not yet been certified.

That last piece is remarkable–it may mean that every class action on the books is about to get wiped out. We’ll see if these amendments run their course–less than two weeks for them to do so.

Then on May 8, 2023– D-DAY for the Lead Gen World– the BIGGEST deadline in history for lead generators and performance marketers, that is the close of the comment period for the FCC’s NPRM on “closing the lead generator loophole.”

Those of you who follow TCPAWorld know the importance of this event. But in case you forgot:

“DIRECTLY” DISPUTED: Why One Word in the FCC’s New NPRM May Shut Down the Entire Lead Generation Industry

Also here is ANOTHER great video we provide with updates for you on where things stand. Also AMAZING  contributions here from Astoria founder Scott Thompson (that guy is good):

As before be VERY CAUTIOUS who you are listening to here. Lots of people still don’t get it and are spreading FAKE NEWS on the subject. Get the real stuff right here.

And DO NOT blow that deadline! If you need info on how to submit a comment click here.

Then on May 19, 2023 Troutman Amin, LLP will be moving into our new AMAZING office building!!!

I know this is more interesting for us than for you but YOU will be invited to a big housewarming event, likely some time in June or July. So be on the look out for it.


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