ANOTHER ONE: Wolf Takes Down Citrix in TCPA Class Settlement Worth $2.75MM

Well another ~$1MM in attorneys fees was just awarded to the Wolf and a cohort of plaintiff’s lawyers who hunted down Citrix and netted a $2.75MM TCPA class action settlement.

That explains why the guy was in a good mood yesterday. Ha.

The Wolf explains who to stay off his radar. For more GREAT content follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube Channel. 

In Boger v. Citrix 2023 WL 3763974 (D. Md. 06/01/2023) the court granted final approval to the deal that arose out of calls to numbers on the national DNC.

The class was: all persons or entities within the United States to whom Defendant or a third party acting on its behalf: (a) made one or more telephone calls to their cellular telephone number; (b) made two or more telephone calls while the call recipient’s number was on the National Do Not Call Registry; and/or (c) made one or more calls after asking Defendant or a third party acting on Defendant’s behalf to stop calling

There were 526,544 class members here–which makes sense a very good settlement for Citrix and just $5.22 a class member! Nice job guys.

The class ended up with a claims rate of about 6%. Claiming class members will receive $44.14 each.

And the Plaintiff’s lawyers? $916,666.67 in fees plus $60k in expenses.

So it goes…


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