QUEENIE TAKES THE STAGE!: Puja J. Amin is a Speaking at this Year’s Telecom Fraud Symposium Today and This is Just HUGE

So the HUGE 2023 Telecom Fraud Symposium put on by Somos–the GREAT folks behind the FCC’s Reassigned Numbers Database–is about to start and I am really proud to announce that my tremendous partner Puja J. Amin will be one of the featured speakers this year.

Queenie–as she is better known–is, of course, an incredible asset in the telcom and marketing legal community and I am so pleased she was invited to help discuss the current state of telecom fraud–and the solutions to prevent illegal and unwanted calls. She really is a tremendous thought leader in this space and somebody that has so much to share.

For those of you who have not yet registered for the event there is still a smidge of time– it opens at 10 am pacific. Really great line up of speakers–in addition to Puja–and super cool opportunity to see the great Queenie and learn from her! 🙂

Indeed, beyond Puja you can hear from folks like Kristi Thompson–Chief of the Telecom Enforcement Bureau over at the FCC!–and Lois Greisman, who heads the Division of Marketing Practices in the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

So…yeah, pretty big deal.

You cannot miss this one folks. Starts in just about two hours!!!



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