TASMALC VIRTUAL OPTION ANNOUNCED!: Now YOU Can Attend the Biggest Marketing/Advertising/Privacy Conference of the Year

The Troutman Amin Summer Marketing/Advertising Law Conference (or “TASMALC” is it is lovingly known) is the HOTTEST ticket in town.

This thing sold out in like 15 minutes–of course, it is pretty easy to sell out a show when the tickets are free!!! 🙂

But now we have a wonderful VIRTUAL option that will bring all the amazing content home to you! And it is only $250.00!!!

And make no mistake, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT conference of the year from a content and learning perspective. Nothing else really comes close.

You will get:

  • The absolute latest on TCPA developments from the guy who literally knows the TCPA better than any human being alive (i.e. the Czar);
  • The latest in Mini-TCPA developments at the state level from one of the only teams in the nation that follows these and reports on them developments daily;
  • The latest break down of state privacy laws and what YOU need to know to stay ahead of new laws from former marketing GC the Countess;
  • A fantastic assessment of real-world tips and tricks for in-house lawyers from one of the nation’s best known compliance attorneys–Puja J. Amin;
  • A CRITICAL breakdown of the California Invasion of Privacy Act the intense litigation it is churning up for companies across the country–from the famous thought-leader herself, the Baroness;
  • A breakdown of deliverability issues as the carriers continue to block YOUR traffic and strategies you can deploy to get your traffic through (and fight back when you can’t);
  • A deep discussion regarding generative A.I. and the legal impacts for chatbot technology and other forms of A.I. brought to you by the fiery Dame;
  • And last but not least, YOU can participate in the question and answer session and get YOUR questions answered by the brilliant Troutman Amin, LLP team. 🙂

All in ONE DAY and all for one low price!

Pretty amazing stuff.

Register here right now.

Also, and unrelated. be prepared:

You might just want to ask to be on the list for this now… before you even know what it is. 🙂 hahahaha

Chat soon folks.



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