FACING THE WOLF: Court Rejects Third-Party’s Effort to Use TCPAWorld Articles to Avoid being Deposed by the “Wolf”

TCPAWorld is becoming self aware.

Let me explain.

A third-party facing a discovery deposition in a TCPA case recently sought to avoid being deposed by Anthony Paronich–the well-known Wolf of TCPAWorld– case by arguing that being deposed by “the Wolf” would be, in essence, “too scary” based upon what they had read about him on TCPAWorld.com:

Carley Miller is a third party, Zeeto is a third party, and Zeeto has spent considering legal fees to protect its employees from unnecessary procedures by Anthony Paronich, who is described as the “Wolf of TCPAWorld” and is known for filing “a large volume of cases.”

This is from an actual legal brief filed in federal court. And it cites to TCPAWorld’s power rankings as authority.

I’m serious.

Well the Court today rejected Ms. Miller’s efforts to be deposed by the Wolf holding:

The Court does not find Miller’s reluctance to be deposed by the “Wolf of the TCPA World” (Dkt. No. 19-1 at 5) good cause to depart from this principle or to require her deposition to proceed in writing.

The Court goes onto advise that Paronich’s glamorous place in TCPAWorld lore is not sufficient to justify additional procedural safeguards:

Miller states she has “great and legitimate concern” that Paronich will exceed the bounds of propriety and requests the Court implement limitations on the deposition “to protect her.” Dkt. No. 19-1 at 5-6. The Court reiterates Miller is already adequately protected under the Federal Rules but takes the opportunity to admonish Miller and her counsel that insinuations of improper or unethical conduct are not taken lightly by the undersigned. Miller has offered no basis for her “great and legitimate” fear of Paronich beyond the simple fact that he is a well-known TCPA litigator who “fil[es] a large volume of cases.” Id. at 5.

So the Court held Ms. Miller must be deposed by the Wolf with no special protections in place.

Fascinating, no?

Hopefully next time someone submits a motion saying they’re scared to be deposed by the Czar I can get equal treatment. 😉

In seriousness, I have litigated against the Wolf dozens of times and although I would describe him as shrewd and aggressive–and occasionally prone to irrationality-as-a-strategy– I have never observed him to be dishonest, uncouth or unethical. Quite the contrary, actually– even if I do not always agree with the cases he brings or the clients he represents.

I’ve never intended to imply anything different on TCPAWorld–and I don’t think I have. But to the extent anyone out there is actually living in “great and legitimate” concern of the Wolf’s litigation tactics owing to my blog, hopefully this clears things up a bit.

And if you’re curuous what itis like to face the Wolf, catch my one-on-one interview with him on Deserve to Win: 

Stay classy TCPAWorld.


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