HERE IT IS!: Deserve to Win Episode 13 is OUT NOW!!! Tav Gomez and Frank Kerney Join the TCPAWorld Crew to Discuss FCRA, TCPA and Legal Greatness…

Well that was fast!

Just last week we recorded our first podcast episode in our NEW STUDIO, which is super cool.

And our amazing Zeina has already turned around the editing and the show is available NOW on our INCREDIBLE You Tube channel!

Episode 13 of Deserve to Win is another incredible video podcast episode with incredibly important breakdowns of:

And that’s before we get to the guests!

Frank Kearny III and Tav Gomez of the Consumer Lawyers are our incredible guests.

Frank Kearny III

Tav Gomez

These guys are incredible and very insightful about their move into enforcing state-mini TCPAs. They are absolute sharks though and truly incredible lawyers.

In fact–although the Czar has famously never lost a trial–I have lost an arbitration (once) and the man who beat me was Tav Gomez. So trust me when I say, these guys are good.

On the other hand, Frank tells the story of the time a retired Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court once called me an absolutely “platinum attorney” and one of the best advocates he’d ever seen.


I don’t like to brag, but it is nice when people tell stories like that.

I do sometimes think folks get so used to me as a blogger and video personality they forget that the Czar is an absolutely world-class courtroom advocate. And I suppose I don’t mind when opposing counsel remind people about that. 🙂

Anyway you’re going to LOVE this interview. Give it a watch, give us a like and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our incredible YouTube channel!!! Now that we have our own studio set up–and the wonderful Zeina to help us crank out content–you’re really going to love all the cool stuff we’re going to pump put. Educational. Informative. Fun!


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