THIS IS IT!!!– IT HAPPENS TOMORROW!: Law Conference of Champions is just 25.73 Hours Away!!!!

Well anticipation has hit a fevered pitch. Tons of discussion on social media. I am fielding dozens of calls and texts messages right now as everybody looks forward to the big event tomorrow.

Let me just do a public service announcement here– I have the team sequestered tonight. I know a bunch of folks are flying in and want to play with us this evening but the answer is a gentle but firm “no.” We will be team building–first time ever we have everyone together!!!–and then resting to make sure we being our A++++ game tomorrow.

I am INCREDIBLY excited. Basically turning somersaults over here.

What will we wear??

The content is going to be superb also. I have a bunch of fresh slides for folks–going to deep dive the express written consent issues in front of the FCC right now and the deliverability panel (coming on the heels of Mike Gibbs’ fantastic webinar yesterday) will look to the future of carrier oversight.


Meanwhile I know Queenie has preparing fantastic compliance tips–including a bunch of never before seen material on state privacy and mini-TCPA compliance.

the Countess and Duchess will be ready!

The Duchess and Countess are coming hard with a pile of CRITICAL info on the new state privacy laws and mini-TCPAs proliferating across the country. I GUARANTEE YOU NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN A BETTER HIGH-LEVEL PRESENTATION ON THESE TOPICS THAN ATTENDEES OF THE LAW CONFERENCE OF CHAMPIONS ARE GOING TO SEE. I am really proud of these two and how hard they are working to condense these critical topics and make them relatable.

the Dame will talk AI                     the Baroness will talk HOT CIPA Summer

Plus you have Baroness set to orient everyone on the massive CIPA explosion in California and the day ends with the Dame exploring AI legislative trends in Europe and how we can expect the future of AI regulation to play out in the US.

These three are always fire…. 

And then a full hour of question and answer where YOU can get your questions answered from the team that knows this stuff best.

Absolutely amazing–and it all happens TOMORROW at the Troutman Amin, LLP Summer Advertising/Marketing Law Conference (Law Conference of Champions!)

You can’t attend in person–SOLD OUT 🙁 🙁 :(–but virtual option is still available! (For now.)

Register now!

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