TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: Regulator Calls Troutman Amin, LLP Disclosure “Perfect” As Firm Delivers Another HUGE Win

There is nothing scarier than a CID, and nothing sweeter than a close letter.

Well, except maybe when a regulator calls you to tell you they think the disclosure you–well, Queenie— drafted is “perfect.”

“The opt in disclaimer used by your client is perfect and I use it as an exemplar to show other companies what their opt in disclaimer should look like.”

I mean… it just doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

Being able to help a client go from the sheer terror of having to respond to CID to the joy of knowing the investigation is closed and all is well–and knowing that it was your disclosure that helped make it happen. So so so sweet. Really doesn’t get any better than that.

Related, one of my favorite moments is when opposing counsel in a class action asks for my client’s policies and procedures and I know I drafted them… hahahah

“Here they are.” I say. “By the way, these were drafted by the Czar.”

Case somehow seems to disappear shortly thereafter. hahahaha

Taking care of people is my favorite part of the job. And when Troutman Amin, LLP is brought in early and given a chance to draft disclosures, policies, procedures, processes, etc. before a litigator or regulator comes knocking our ability to protect folks is just so very very strong. Plus you’ll know you’re doing things the right way and compliantly–and don’t you want that anyway?

Obviously we can never guarantee any particular result, but if you ever have to come face to face with the Wolf or a regulator, you definitely want to know the Czar and/or Queenie audited you and approved your process before hand.

Anyway, just a great day for us. In a great mood. Hope all is well for you as well!

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