ROBUST AUGUST: The Czar’s Speaking Schedule for Next Month is Coming Together And You Have to Pay Attention At This Point

Look, the Czar is the only thing standing between the lead generation industry and annihilation at this point. His is the way of light and truth. All else is folly.

And not paying attention is the biggest folly of all.

I told you the FCC was about to do something massive on the TCPA, the NPRM followed. I told you the FTC was about to launch a crackdown– the sweep followed. And as dangerous as these waters are currently, the Czar’s clients seem to be swimming through just fine (not a guarantee of future success.)

Now we just launched an INCREDIBLE magazine on the heels of throwing a MASSIVE legal conference and most firms would just be resting on their laurels after that–as if other firms could have pulled that off to begin with ;)–but not us. We’re ready to launch into the stratosphere with a bunch of fresh and incredible content that you LITERALLY cannot afford to miss.

So let’s start with the FTC’s new telemarketing sweep. How big is this? I will be doing BACK TO BACK webinars on the topic on August 1, 2023. This is totally unprecedented. 

First, on August 1, 2023 at 11:00 am pacific the Duchess and I will be joining with for an ABSOLUTEY CRITICAL discussion of the FTC’s recent telemarketing sweep and the new cases being brought in this space– including those against Fluent, Yodel and Viceroy. The entire lead generation world is now on trial– you NEED TO UNDERSTAND what is happening, and there is literally only one guy on Earth that can give you the goods. Your humble narrator, the Czar.

Sign up here right now:

Then, on August 1, 2023 at 12 noon pacific I will be jumping on–probably with Queenie–with Mike Gibb and Lead Generation Bulletin to further assess the impact of the FTC’s Crackdown on the telemarketing industry from a lead generator’s perspective. And YES you should feel free to attend both sessions. There will be some cross-over but really I expect the second session to be heavier into lead generation challenges and the earlier to be heavier into calling and call center issues.

Then on August 22, 2023 Queenie and I will be speaking at Convoso’s incredible LeadGen Roadshow. The event is at the Lido House, Autograph Collection in Newport Beach and it will be an absolutely incredible opportunity to connect with other COMPLIANT players in the leadgen space while hearing from Queenie and I about the latest on TCPA and FTC issues.

For those who attended the Law Conference of Champions, you know there really is nothing better than getting together in person to hash things out, the the Roadshow is great for true workshopping–with structured projects designed to get people thinking, talking and problem solving together. Really a cool format.

And it all leads up to August 31, 2023 when CONTACT.IO kicks off in Denver, Colorado. And as you all already know Troutman Amin, LLP has a stage named after it at the event!!!!

I love these girls…

Absolutely incredible that Troutman Amin, LLP has such a great and powerful brand. Basically everybody wants Puja on stage with them–although she was limited to just two panels to keep a diversity of voices at the event–and I am planning an absolutely incredible FRESH session of content looking at both FCC and FTC developments in a single never-before-seen segment that will really change your perspective on what the future of call centers is going to look like.

If you haven’t booked your ticket yet–DUDE what are you waiting for? This is one of the best events of the year in one of my favorite cities, Denver!

All of this, all in one month, all because we love you TCPAWorld.

What’s anyone else done for you lately 😉

Let all those who have ears hear…


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