REVEALED: The Source of that Senate Letter to the FCC Has Been Traced Back to… You Guessed It–And the Latest on the FAILED R.E.A.C.H./PAC Merger Talks

So you all remember that huge–and confusing–letter that 12 Democratic Senators just sent into the FCC urging it to ban lead sales consistent with the FTC’s position?

I suspected the letter had originated from the NCLC and it was confirmed to me today, by a knowledgeable source, that the letter did–indeed–come from the National Consumer Law Center. 


These guys are out there pulling everybody’s strings. The AGs. Senators. The FTC. And now they are making inroads into the FCC.

All funded by settlements and judgments in TCPA class actions. 


They literally claim to be working for consumers while they’re fully on the take from the Plaintiff’s lawyers.

So dirty. And so effective.

These guys are killers. Absolute pros.

Meanwhile, industry simply cannot get its act together.

As everyone knows Michele Shuster–great lawyer, very smart and PATIENT–has stepped down as GC as one of the industry’s previous trade groups (PACE)–which I always though of as her organization– and it looks like things are in a bit of disarray over there (just my opinion) following her departure.

Could not have come at a worse time though. Really bad.

Remember when PACE was awesome? I do. Had some real glory days. Really strong education and information network. Very respected.

But these days….I guess I don’t blame Michele for stepping down although it did come as a surprise to me.

Anyway, I briefly flirted with merging R.E.A.C.H. and PACE so that we could help the right the ship over there and maybe have industry  speak with one voice (imagine that)– but apparently a few folks have had their feelings hurt, or something, and they need “time” to work through it.

No, I am serious. This happened.

Literally, I don’t even know what to say to that.

What I do know, is “time” is no longer a luxury this industry has to work with. The NPRM “deniers” already limited the forcefulness of industry’s response–which was decidedly anemic–but the FCC will almost certainly act by the end of the year here. That means we have a window of about 45 days (starting September 5, 2023) if we are going to have a prayer of a chance of effectuating change.

R.E.A.C.H. is going to have a meeting this Friday to rekindle the TRO idea to keep the FTC at bay, and also to discuss strategy for discussing matters with the FCC.  This is all resting on our shoulders at this point–and we’re here for it.

What frustrates me most, however, is how the NCLC simply does laps around industry. Always a step ahead it seems. One little special interest group, outplaying thousands of businesses all at once. Its just unreal.

Rudderless ship.

Until R.E.A.C.H. came along… 

R.E.A.C.H. is the antidote, of course, and I am working on a few things right now that may actually allow us to fight fire with fire–finally.

But we still need help folks.

Wish I didn’t have to tell everyone in industry that it is time to pivot… but the writing is on the wall.

The Czar is magical–transcendental?– but he can’t do it alone. If we’re going to stop unwanted calls while preventing the complete governmental destruction of an industry we’re going to have to work together…

Hurt feelings and all.

When trade organizations compete, you lose.

More to come.



  1. Why does R.E.A.C.H. need to have a meeting, when you are its President and alter ego? After all, you proclaim that you are the Czar. And a Czar is an autocratic ruler with absolute power that is accountable to no one.

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