HERE IT IS!!!: Episode 15 of Deserve to Win– With Alex Quilici, the CEO of You Mail and Creator of the Robocall Index!!!

So it has been a busy day around here, huh?

Well folks, the incredible crew is back with its latest (and biggest) episode of Deserve to Win yet!

This episode we sit down with industry legend Alex Quilici, the founder of the incredible Robocall Index. Everybody uses the Robocall Index to track robocalls—indeed, it has become the source of truth for anyone interested in learning about the volume of calls month over month.

Alex is a special guy!

But the fascinating thing is that robocalls are DOWN by over a billion a month recently!

You will all remember that Responsible Enterprises Against Consumer Harassment (R.E.A.C.H.) set out to stop up to a billion unwanted calls a month by setting standards for the runaway lead generation industry and also SPREADING INFORMATION about the laws and regulations out there. Obviously Troutman Amin, LLP has been leading the charge to protect good actors and help educate the wayward, but have their efforts really stopped so many calls so quickly?

Probably. 😊

You won’t want to miss Alex’s take on the phenomenon.

Additionally we discuss the MASSIVE PROBLEM of inaccurate call labeling. The carriers are sickeningly inaccurate with their call labeling and then have the gall—through their partners—to charge businesses to white label and band their caller IDs so they don’t get mislabeled. THEY are causing the problem and then turning around and CHARGING for the solution.

LIARS AND SCAMMERS: Numeracle BLASTS Carriers and Analytics Engines For Falsely Labeling Calls and then Profiting Off of “Remediation” in New FCC Filing

Just disgusting.

And Alex doesn’t hold back on this issue at all. Really impressive take. He pushes hard on folks.

Before we get there we also break down all the BIGGEST developments in TCPAWorld.

We take a look at big new appellate Court cases out of the Eleventh, Seventh and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals!!!

REMARKABLE RUN: TCPAWorld Has Produced A Series of High Profile Appellate Court Rulings Recently and It Is Worth Reflecting

Plus we also discuss the FTC’s crazy new position on consent!!!


Man, we’re awesome.

You can’t miss it!

Enjoy! And for more FABULOUS content be sure to follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube channel!!!


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